Adams, Walter M.
The house of the hidden places: a clue to the creed of early Egypt from Egyptian sources — London, 1895

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104 The Hidden God. [Ch.

we represent the passage of the horizon to-
gether with the masonry of the entrance, we

Passage of Pole-star. Sceptre of Anup.

have the sceptre of Anup, the guide of the
soul. Sometimes the whole hieroglyphic name
receives illustration at least, if not origination,
from the same pyramidal source; as, for
instance, in the name of Hapi, the radiant
guardian of the Nile. For if we draw the
Grand Arch of the highest chamber, imaging
the Grand Arch of the universe, the seat of
that luminous spirit, we shall produce the
initial of that word. And if we add the
Entrance Gate (itself surmounted by the
Double Arch), together with the scored line
in the Passage of the Horizon, pointing down-
ward to the foundation of the rock, we shall
loading ...