Adams, Walter M.  
The house of the hidden places: a clue to the creed of early Egypt from Egyptian sources — London, 1895

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lower floor bears witness to the passage from
death to life, the divine voice, which has
been silent till its first lesson is exhausted,
recommences his illumination, and he is " in-
structed " (cxxix.) how "to stand at the Bark
of Ba "—no longer in the lower portion of the
vessel, but free of every part. Obedient to
the divine command, he passes the " Gate of
the Gateway " (cxxx.), and celebrates the Birth-
day of Osiris, the Opening of the Eternal
Year. Then, as he advances a step and
stands within the hall upon the slight pro-
jection, he beholds the whole building before
him, the vast universe of space, in its im-
measurable grandeur, now free to his immacu-
late spirit. And as at the Lintel of Justice all
is barred, so here every part lies open. " The
heaven opens," we read (cxxx.)—the Chamber
of the Splendour with its seven-fold rays around
the solar throne ; " the earth opens," the Cham-
ber of the Shadow ; " the North opens " to the
Chamber of the Pole-star ; " the South opens "
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