Algarotti, Francesco
Opere Del Conte Algarotti (Band 4) — Venezia, 1791 [Cicognara Nr. 3-4]

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51 2 S A G G I O SOPHA

'sl dovrebbe dire

Tantum relligio potuit fecisse bGnorurn ,
Che se le false religioni nè furono alla
civiìe società disutili, nè offuscarono Tin»
gegno di coioro che le seguirono ; sarà pnr
forza confessare , che non potrà se non
grandemente schiarare nostro intelletto il


the sons of s4DsîM content themselves to he
guided by vulgar opinions . They hnow little,
and believe much . Tiiey examine and jud-
ge for themselves in the common asfairs of
life sometimes , and not always even in the-
se . But the greatest and the noblest obiects
of the human jnind are very transiently ,
at best, the objects of theirs . On all these ,
they resign themselves to the authority that
prevails among the men witîi whom they li-
<ve . Some of them wanb the means, all of
them want the will to do more ; and as ab-
surd as this may appear in speculation , it
is best , perhaps, upojz the whole , the hu-
man nature and the nature of governement
considered, that it should be as it is .

Works of Lord Bolinbrook Vol, IV. Essay
the fourth concerning authorithy in mat-
ters os ileligion Sect. I.
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