Algarotti, Francesco  
Opere Del Conte Algarotti (Band 4) — Venezia, 1791 [Cicognara Nr. 3-4]

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forse per la gran copia di uomini grandi
che in esso fiorirono (1). L’altro è Colino


(1) The great glory of literature in this
island , during the reign of James , was
Lord Bacon . Most of his jieiformances weer
composed in Latin ; though he possessed nei~
ther the elegance os that, nor of his native
tongue. Is we consider the variety of talents
displayed by this man, as a public speaher,
a man of business, a wit, a courtier, a com-
panion , an author, a philosopher ; he is ju-
stly the object of great admiration. If we
c'onsider him merely as an author and phi-
losopher , the ligiit, in which we view him
at present , though very estimable , he was
yet- inferior to his contetnporary Galileo, per-
haps even to Kepler. Bacon pointed out at a
distance the road to true philosophy : Gali-
leo both pointed it out to others, and ma-
de himself considerable advances in it. The
Englishman was ignorant of geometry : The
Florentine revived that science , excelled
%n it, ancl was the first who applied it, to-
gether with experiment, to natural philo-
sophy . The former rejected , with the most po-
sitive disdain the system of Copernicus : The

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