Algarotti, Francesco  
Opere Del Conte Algarotti (Band 4) — Venezia, 1791 [Cicognara Nr. 3-4]

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3g4 S A G G I O S O P R A

rnaraviglie il Gassendo, come im cosi gran-
de geometra, quale era il Cartesio, avesse
dato per dimostrazioni tante chimere. Ma
cessa la maraviglia, se uno consideri, che,
quantunque egli asserisca, che col solo mez-


to signify that immediateperception , which ths
mind has of some self-evideut truth , in which
case it is not a principle of Knowledge, hut
Knowledge itself intuitive Knowledge : or el-
se it must he meant to signify that apparent
evidence wherewith notions and opinions en-
ter into the mind of one man , that are not
accompanied with the same evidence , nor re-
ceived in the same manner in the mind of
another. Now it this case te lively inwctrd
sentiment of DES CAPlTES is nothing hetter
than that strong persuasion, wherewith every
enthusiast imagines that he sees what he does
not see , hears wiiat he does not hear, feels
what he does jtot feel, and, in a word, per-
ceives what he does not perceive . Is any thing
eise he meant hy sentirnent thus distinguished
from idea, as a principle of Knowledge , I
eonfess myself unable so much as to guess
what it is .

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