Algarotti, Francesco  
Opere Del Conte Algarotti (Band 7) — Venezia, 1792 [Cicognara Nr. 3-7]

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Hannibal Caro’s ( Hersion) in the Italiari
is the nearest, the rnost poetical, and the
most sonorous of any Translation of the
AEneis; yet though he takes the advantage
of the blank verse, he commonly allows
two lines for one of Yirgil, and does not
always hit his sense. Preface to the second
part of the Poetical Miscellanies .

Hannibal C-aro is a great name amongst
the Italians ; yet his Translation of the
AEneis is most scandalously mean, thoug
lie has taken the advantage of writing in
blank verse , and freed himself from the

shackles of modern Rhyme.I return

fco our Italian Translator of the AEneis: he
is a foot Poet; he lacquies by the side of
Virgil at the best, but never mounts be-
hind him. Doctor Morelli, who is no mean
Critick in our Poetry, and therefore may
be presum/d to be a better in his own lan-
guage, has confirm’d me in this opinion by

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