Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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bast—se^et. 7

goddess alludes to her mystical male nature, and is mentioned in the rubric of
chapter 164 of the Ritual, f in. high. Blue porcelain.

23. Similar figure of Bast, walking with both arms pendent, not holding
either sceptre or symbol. On the plinth or pillar behind is a perpendicular
line of hieroglyphs incuse, ^ t'et en Bast an rd, " said by Bast,
the pupil of Ra," for so this imperfect line should read. In these cases, what
the figure said is often omitted for want of space, or was else continued on
some other object. 2§ in. high. Yellowish-green porcelain.

24. Bast, lion-headed, walking, on plinth; left foot advanced; long head-
attire ; pendent arms; on the back a ring, If in. high. Yellow sandstone.

25. Upper part of a figure of Bast, lion-headed, consisting of the head with
long head-attire, and wearing the ureeus on the head in the type of Menhi :
behind a ring; good workmanship, f in. high. Bright-blue porcelain.

26. Bast, lion-headed, wearing a long head attire, namms, and the uraeus on
the head, draped in a long garment, walking on a plinth or pedestal, in the
type of Menhl ; on the head a ring. If in. high. Bluish-green porcelain.

27. Similar figure of Bast. fin. high. Light-blue porcelain.

28. Bast, lion-headed, long head-attire, no plumes or ornament, seated on a
throne ; ring on head. |- in. high. Bright-blue porcelain.

29. Bast, lion-headed, wearing plumes, seated on a throne, hands at her
sides; nude. Bing on head, rude work. If in. high. Bright-blue porcelain.

30. Bust or segis of the goddess Se^et, lion-headed, wearing on her head
an urseated disk; behind, a ring to suspend it. |- in, high, Yellow porcelain.

31. Se^et or Bast, wife and companion of Pfcah, a kind of Egyptian Bel-
lona, hostile to the enemies of Egypt, probably in her form or type of
Menhi, one of her numerous types; lion-headed, wearing only the urseus and
no solar disk on the head, walking, on a pedestal, draped, pendent arms, above
a ring. If in- high. Green porcelain.

32. Se^et or Bast, lion-headed, walking, on a pedestal, draped in a long gai--
ment, with pendent arms, lower part broken, at the neck behind a ring. If in.
long. Yellow porcelain.

33. Se^et or Bast, lion-headed, wearing a long head-attire, namms, body
draped, walking, holding a papyrus sceptre in her left hand before her. 1J in.
high. Blue porcelain.
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