Birch, Samuel   [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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egyptian pantheon.

34. Sexet or Bast, wearing the solar disk and urseus, and long head-attire,
namms, walking, pendent arms, plinth behind pierced. 2 in. high. Light bluish-
green porcelain.

35. Similar figure of Se^et. 1| in. high. Light blue porcelain.

36. Similar figure of Se^et. 1£ in. high. Same material.

37. Sexet or Bast, lion-headed, wearing a long head-dress, namms, and the
usual female garment, reaching to the ankles, seated on a throne, which has on
the sides the often found symbol signifying the union of the upper and lower
country. There is a plinth which runs up three-fourths of the figure behind,
and on it is a perpendicular line of incuse hieroglyphs facing to the right

giver of life." This phrase, giver of life, usually applied to kings, never to
queens, is used to goddesses only. There is a rectangular plug-hole beneath to
fix it into another pedestal. in. high. Green glazed steatite.

38. JEgis of the goddess Bast, lion-headed, wearing the solar disk, aten, and
collar, usx, w^tu three rows of beads, flat behind and pierced. If in. high.
Bluish-green porcelain.

39. Se^et, lion-headed, wearing a long head-attire, namms, seated on a
throne draped, her hands placed on her hips; at the sides of the throne an
ornament. This type without adjuncts may represent Se^et, Bast, Menhi, or other
numerous forms and avatars of the goddess Merienptah : behind, a ring. § in.
high. Blue porcelain.

40. Se^et, lion-headed, wearing a ps^ent on her head, seated on a throne,
hands on her knees; behind, a ring. § in. long. Green 'porcelain.

41. Shrine : on the cornice are several square ornaments, in it is seated the
lion-headed goddess Se^et or Bast, draped, the hands on the knees. At the
sides of the shrine are represented papyrus sceptre, and below a reeded ornament;
above, a ring. 1^ in. high. Light-green porcelain.

42. Menhi, upper part of the type of the goddess, lion-headed, wearing
a long head-dress, namms, the head surmounted by the solar disk and cow's
horns, and two tall feathers of a hawk; behind, a ring. % in. high. Blue

43. Nefer Tum, third person of the Memphite Triad, son of Ptah and Bast,
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