Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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The chief seat of his worship was at Sesen, Esmun, or Hermopolis. J in. high.
Lapis lazuli.

57. Similar figure. Plinths not pierced. |- in. high. Green basalt.

58. Ra, seated, the face broken off, wearing a long head-dress, namms;
on the head a spike for the head ornament or solar disk; body enveloped
in drapery. Below is a spike of bronze, for insertion into a small stand or
pedestal: the whole of very fine workmanship. 1J in. high. Maroon-coloured

59. Ra, hawk-headed, walking on a rectangular pedestal, wearing on his head
the Sun's disk, aten, and the long head-dress, namms, and fluted tunic, s'enti or
sindon, round the loins, hands pendent and grasped, part between the legs
reserved, and plinth behind, pierced. If in. high. Light bluish-green porcelain.

60. Similar figure of Ra. 1|- in. high. Same material.

61. Similar figure of Ra. 1|- in. high. Pale light-green porcelain.

62. Similar figure of Ra, on the disk an urseus, fine workmanship. If in.
high. Same material.

63. Similar figure of Ra. 1-g-in. high. Same material.

64. Similar figure of Ra : disk and urseus broken off. l-$-in. high. Same

65. Similar figure of Ra : urseus on disk. 1|- in. high. Same material.

66. Ra, hawk-headed, wearing a long head-dress, namms, Sun's disk, aten
and urseus, tunic, s'enti, round the loins, walking on a pedestal, pendent arms,
plinth behind, pierced. 1| in. high. Light-blue porcelain.

67. Similar figure of Ra. If in. high. Light-green 'porcelain.

68. Similar figure of Ra. l^in. high. Same material.

69. Similar figure of Ra. 1-f in. high. Grayish-green porcelain.

70. Similar figure of Ra, disk on urseus. If in. high. Reddish-white

71. Similar figure of Ra. If in. high. Grayish-blue porcelain.

72. Similar figure, no urseus on disk. 1^-in. high. Light-blue porcelain.

73. Ra, seated, hawk-headed, wearing a disk, body mummied or enveloped in
bandages, sealed profile to the right has been used for inlaying: broken. 2} in.
high. Pale-green glass inside, and originally of a turquoise-blue colour.

74. Ra, hawk-headed, wearing the Sun's disk; seated, mummied, with the

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