Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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egyptian pantheon.

of Mut, and she was also connected with Athor and the West. The principal
site of her worship was at Sais, and under the form of a cow she was thought
to be the mother of Ea or the Sun. She was also thought to unite in herself
the male and female principles. 1 in. high. Lapis lazuli.

103. Similar figure. 1 in. high. Same material.

104. Nit or Neith, wearing on her head the tes'er. The red or lower crown,
her emblem, and a long dress on her body, walking on a pedestal, left foot
advanced, with pendent arms, behind a plinth, pierced. Figures of this goddess
are comparatively rare in this material. 1^ in. high. Green porcelain.

105. Similar figure of Neith, very rude. 1 in. high. Blue porcelain.

106. x0NSIJ> or Chons, son of Amen and Mut, third person of the Theban
Triad, and a lunar god, apparently oracular enemy of the revolters or enemies
of the gods, and expeller of demons. He had two names, and was called in
the Thebaid Nefer-hetp, and also called ^ons-aah. This god was also at a
later period confounded with the solar deity S'u, or light. The present specimen
represents him in his youthful type as Harpocrates seated, naked, placing the
index finger of the right hand in the mouth. He wears on his head a skull-
cap, surmounted by the full and dichotomized disk of the moon. 1-| in. high.

107. x0NS; hawk-headed, wearing the full and dichotomized disk of the moon ;
long head-dress, namms, and fluted tunic, send, round the loins; arms pendent
and hand clenched, walking, left foot advanced, on a rectangular plinth; part
between the legs reserved, and plinth or pillar attached to the back behind.
If in. high. Light-blue porcelain.

108. x0NSU or Chons, in his human type, not hawk-headed; lock of
hair at the right side of his head, and close-fitting skull-cap on the head,
wearing the full and dichotomized disk of the moon ; body wrapped in bandages
or mummied, holding before him, close to his body, and by both hands, the
right uppermost, the kuhupha, or dog-headed sceptre, uas; standing on a rect-
angular pedestal, and having a rectangular plinth or pillar at the back, which
is pierced. Fine work. 1£ in. high. Light-blue porcelain.

109. Similar figure of x0NS> an urseus on the disk. 1£ in. high. Greenish-
blue porcelain.

110. Similar figure of ^ons. If in. high. Same material.
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