Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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^num or chnoumis. 17

111. Similar figure of x0NS- If in. high. Same material.

112. xonsu, hawk-headed, walking on a pedestal, wearing on his head the
lunar disk; long head-dress, namms, and tunic, s'enli, round the loins. If in.
high. Light bluish-green 'porcelain.

113. xNUM> Khnum, or Chnoumis, the demiurgos, creator of mankind, ruler
of the water, a type of the god Amnion and the local deity of Elephantine ;
walking, the left foot advanced, on a pedestal; part between the legs reserved.
He has the head of a goat or ram, which replaces in this character the human
form, and shares this ram-head with the god Amen, who is often thus repre-
sented. On his head he wears the long head-dress, namms, and a tunic, s'enti,
or the sindon fluted, round the loins. At the back is an upright rectangular
pillar, not entirely up to the neck. It is pierced. 2| in. ; coarse workmanship.
Light blue-green porcelain.

114. Similar figure of xxum. 1^ in. high. Same material.

115. Similar figure of xNUM- Fair workmanship. 1^ in. high. Same

116. Similar figure of x^UM ; the pillar behind higher. If in. high.

Same material.

117. Similar figure of ^num ; the pillar behind not so high; good work-
manship, li in. high. Same material.

118. Similar figure of ^num, the plinths three-fourths of the way up
behind. -| in. high. Same material.

119. Similar figure of ^num. in. high. Same material.

120. Similar figure of ^num ; fine work. 1| in. high. Same material.

121. Similar figure of x^um. fine work. 1 in. high. Bright blue porce-

122. Similar figure of x^um. § in. high. Same material.

123. Similar figure of ^num. 1 in. high. Same material.

124. xNIJM> or Khnum, a?gis of the god, ram-headed, wearing the solar disk,
on which is a small disked ureeus, wearing horns, probably emblem of the goddess
Nebun; round his neck is a collar: behind a plinth pierced. 1% in. long. Steatite.

125. Similar head of the god xNUM > tne disked urseus profile to the
right; plinths behind, pierced. 1-*-in long. Blue porcelain.

126. xNUM> ram-headed, wearing a long head-dress, namms, and tunic, s'enti,
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