Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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22 egyptian pantheon.

185. Similar figure of Osiris, large features, hands meeting. Much corroded.
41 in. high. Same material.

186. Similar figure of Osiris, left hand holding crook, right, whip. Coarse
work. 4§ in. high. Same material.

187. Similar figure of Osiris, rectangular plinth behind, hands meet. 2^ in.
high. Same material.

188. Similar figure of Osiris, standing as before, hands holding crook and
whip, right hand uppermost. Indifferent workmanship. in. high. Same

189. Similar figure of Osiris. 6 in. high. Same material.

190. Similar figure of Osiris, the hands meet. Coarse work. 5£ in. high.
Same material.

191. Similar figure of Osiris, the right hand uppermost, both hold a sceptre,
uasm. Flat, coarse, and bad workmanship. 5|- in. high. Same material.

192. Similar figure of Osiris, standing, wearing a collar us^, right hand
holds a whip, left hand holds a long striped crook. 9 in. high. Same material.

193. Upper part of a figure of Osiris, wearing the crown, atef hands coming
out of a mummied form, holding long crook and whip. 2 in. high. Same material.

194. Head of Osiris, wearing the crown, atef, broken off from a statuette.
2| in. high. Same material.

195. Upper part of a statue of Osiris, wearing the crown, atef, with a long
uraeus in front, placed vertically on the front. The right hand of the god, which
is uppermost, holds the three-thonged whip neyex, the left, the crook : the body
is enveloped in bandages. 1 ft. 6 in, high. Basalt.

196. Head of Osiris, wearing the crown, atef with the ostrich feathers,
emblem of his dominion in the hall of the two Truths in Hades. On the cap
is an urseus, long and going high up the' cap, probably the goddess Mahen or
Nebun. The head is broken, and there is a plinth behind, the nose is much
injured. It has formed part of a statue, and is of the style and period of the
26 th dynasty. 6^ in. high. Green basalt.

197. Upper part of a figure of Osiris.

198. Asi, Isis, or Nephthys, uncertain which of the two goddesses, the head-
attire being broken off, draped in long garment, walking, left foot advanced,
with pendent arms. 1J in. high. Lapis lazuli

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