Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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217. Similar figure of Isis. Fine work. l£in. high. Light-blue porcelain.

218. Similar figure of Isis. If in. high. Same material.

219. Similar figure of Isis. If in. high. Bluish-green porcelain.

220. Similar figure of Isis. 1-Jin; high. Pale-green porcelain.

221. Similar figure of Isis. Kude workmanship, ljin. high. Bluish-gray

222. Similar figure of Isis. Good work. If in. high. Same material.

223. Isis, wearing disk and horns, and long head-dress, namms, and long
garment round the body; seated on a throne, on a pedestal, nursing Harpa^rat,
Harpocrates or the youthful Horus, who is naked on her lap, and whom she
holds by her left hand to her right breast. In this type she is the celestial Isis,
or lady of the Heaven. Plinth behind pierced, § in. long. Blue porcelain.

224. Similar figure of Isis. If in. high. Green porcelain.

225. Similar figure of Isis. Rude and flat behind. 1| in. high. Same

226. Similar figure of Isis. Pillar or plinth behind. If in. high. Same

227. Isis, in her celestial character, wearing solar disk and horns and long
head-attire, namms, seated on a throne, nursing Harpa^rat, or Harpocrates, naked,
wearing the lock of hair at the right side of his head, whom she holds in
her left hand and places to her right breast; she has a long garment from the
breast to the ankles. Behind is a plinth or pillar running up the back, pierced.
2 in. high. Grayish-blue porcelain.

228. I before, decomposed : ring behind. 2 in. high. Same material.

229. Similar figure of Isis. If in. high. Blue porcelain.

230. Similar figure of Isis, the head-dress broken off, side of the throne
diapered; plinth or pillar behind, fine work. 1 in. high. Light blue porcelain.

231. Similar figure of Isis, seated on a throne, suckling Harpa^rat as before;
the throne and head-dress remaining. The throne diapered and surrounded by
a border of four bands at equal distances, with spaces: behind, a kind of ring.
2| in. high. Light-blue porcelain.

232. Isis, seated on a throne, wearing disk and horns in her celestial cha-
racter as mistress of the heaven; her body is draped, and she holds on her lap
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