Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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her son Harpayjrat naked, wearing the lock at the right side of the head ; with
her right hand she proffers him the breast. -j- in. long. Light-blue porcelain.

233. Isis, in her celestial character, probably in connection with the Sun,
or time, wearing on her head a disk, horns, and long head-dress, namms, draped
in a long garment, seated on a throne, suckling Harpa^rat, or Harpocrates,
whom she holds naked on her lap, wearing a skull-cap and a lock of hair at
the right side of his head. She holds him by the left hand, and offers him
the breast with her right; plinth behind, pierced, rude work. -| in. high. Dark-
blue porcelain.

234. Isis, seated, wearing the disk and horns, long hair and urseus, suckling
Harpayrat. The goddess is draped in the usual long female garment, and holds
the youthful Horus on her knee facing tc her right. The god is naked, wearing
a skull-cap, namms, with the lock of hair, rut, at the right side of the head,
and both hands pendent down the side. Beneath is a squared spike or plug,
to attach it to a throne : very coarse. 1\ in. high. Bronze.

235. Nebta, or Nephthys, walking, on a plinth, wearing on her head the
jj, the basket and house, the hieroglyph of Neb-t-a, 'the Lady of the House,'
her name and emblem. She wears a long head-dress, namms, and long female
garment, her left foot is advanced. Nephthys was the daughter of Seb and
Nut, or the Chronos and Rhea of Egyptian mythology, and sister of Osiris and
Isis, in whose company she is almost always found; she was also styled " Eye
of the Sun, regent of the gods, mistress of the heaven, and of women," and,
according to the Greek legends, the mother of Anubis. She has been identified
with Sothis, or the Dog-star, but only perhaps considered as a form of Isis,
and with Aphrodite or Venus, and Teleute, the End of all things, or Initia-
tion. Her form is common in all materials, except bronze, pierced at the head.
1 ^ in. long. Red stone.

236. Nephthys, walking as before, wearing long garment and emblem on her
head, pierced. in. high. Lapis lazuli.

237. Similar figure. 1|- in. high. Same material.

238. Similar figure, pierced. 1 in. high. Same material.

239. Similar figure, f- in. high. Same material.

240. Similar figure. 1|- in. high. Burnt lapis lazuli.

241. Similar figure, plinth not pierced, ljin. high. Green stone.

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