Birch, Samuel   [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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286. Similar slab, but with Isis at the right side of Harpocrates; behind
is a ring, li in. high. Bluish-green porcelain.

287. Similar slab, hands do not join; ring behind. If in. high. Bluish-
green porcelain.

288. Similar slab, round above, ring behind, reeded. If in. high. Same

289. Similar slab; the hands join. If in. high. Green porcelain.

290. Similar slab, square above, hands not joining. If in. high. Same

291. Similar slab of Harpocrates between Isis and Nephthys; hands join-
ing, fine work, above a reeded ring. 1^ in. high. Light-blue porcelain.

292. Similar slab, peculiar work, a reeded ring above. If in. high. Dull-
green porcelain.

293. Similar slab, straight, a ring above. If in. high. Dull bluish-green porcelain.

294. Similar slab, reeded ring above. If in. high. Light blue porcelain.

295. Rectangular slab as before, but in profile. Harpayjrat or Harpocrates,
naked, going to the right, Isis standing, wearing on her head the throne, her
name and symbol, long head-attire, namms, and long garment, basui, stands
facing him and takes his left hand in her right. Nephthys wearing her name
and emblem on her head, long head-attire, namms, and long garment, follows
behind and takes his right hand; a reeded ring above. If in. high. Light
bluish-green porcelain.

296. Similar slab, the hands not touching, and rather thick. If in. high.
Grayish-blue porcelain.

297. Similar slab of Harpocrates, Isis and Nephthys, but the whole subject
cut in outline, a reeded ring above. fin. high. Light green porcelain.

298. Anepu or Anubis, son of Osiris and Isis, the god presiding over
embalming, and guarding the roads of the South and North of Heaven and
earth, then called Ap-heru or Ap-matennu, jackal-headed, walking, wearing a long
head-dress, namms, and tunic, s'enti, round the loins, on a rectangular pedestal;
ring behind for suspension. 2£ in. high. Bronze.

299. Anepu or Anubis, jackal-headed, walking, wearing the usual long head-
dress, namms, left hand extended and pendent, right bent on breast, wearing
tunic, s'enti; ring behind head, much corroded, l^in. high. Bronze.
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