Birch, Samuel   [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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of a mummy, Qabhsenuf is represented hawk-headed, profile to the right,
holding before him a doubled sash or bandlet; he wears a collar, usx, of two
rows of beads, and has a cross-band at the side. His form is mummied,
standing on a pedestal; pierced. If in. high. Blue porcelain.

312. Qabhsenuf, son of Osiris, and fourth genius of the Karneter or Hades ;
hawk-headed, in profile, facing to the left, wearing long head attire, namms,
and collar, usx, b°cly mummied, holding a doubled bandlet before him by both
hands. If in. high. Bright-blue porcelain.

313. Lower part of a standing figure of the god Bes or Bessa, from the
belly; naked, the type boyish, legs bowed, the hands placed on the hip. It
stands on a square pedestal, on the upper part of which is a horizontal line
of hieroglyphs running round the pedestal, beginning from the tail of the lion's
skin, which has covered the back and head of the god. These face to the
right, and record the dedication of the statue.


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ar en na xen^ neter api en Amen ra sut neteru s'as'ank ma xru sa
en neb ta ta Amen meri Uasarlcan sa. f... xent neter Amen ra sa
neteru Harsahesi ma xru Mut f lies em xen Nasnebas'er en han t. f
Hesi her Neter ta any anx uta snob s s'me.

" Made by the high priest of Amen Ba, king of the gods, Shashank, justified
royal son of the lord of the world, Amenmeri, Uasarkan. ... son of the
high priest of Amen-Ba, king of the gods Harsahesi justified. His mother
was the singer in the inner place. Nasnebasher to his mistress Isis, resi-
dent in the town of Neter, giver of life, health, and strength." Bound the
pedestal in front is another line of hieroglyphs, also facing to the right.
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