Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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1 cm
bes or bessa.


a lion's claw on the hip at each side. He holds a gazelle, the head down-
wards, on each side, and a kind of cord; above hawk of Horus, standing, facing
inwards. This specimen is of late work and much decomposed. 1 ft. 10 in.
high. Calcareous stone.

315. Bes or Bessa, apparently allied to Seilenos; peculiar type, rude, the
hand placed on the belly, the body terminating in an eagle's claw; behind,
a band or place to attach to a cista. Greek or Graeco-Egyptian work.
2f in. high. Bronze.

316. Bes or Bessa, standing naked without a lion's skin, carrying on his
back another Bes by holding the feet. The second Bes raises his hand to
his head. Combinations of these deities often occur in later works of art.
If in. high. Bronze.

317. Bes, the Egyptian Besa, apparently a form of Amen Ba, although
his type rather resembles that of the god Ptah, wearing the lion's skin and
cornice with three tall plumes. The head-dress pierced to string it to a neck-
lace. If in. high. Bronze.

318. Bes, walking, profile to the right, clad in a lion-skin, playing on a
tamborine which he holds by both hands. This little figure is the bead or
pendant of a collar, consisting of a series or rows of similar beads; above, a
ring, £ in. long. Red porcelain.

319. Bes, going to the right, holding the tail of the lion-skin in his right
hand, his left placed over his head, on which a ring. 1J in. high. Bright-blue

320. Bes, squatting on the ground, head-dress broken off; plinth behind
pierced. |- in. high. Grayish porcelain.

321. Bes, standing as usual, wearing cornice and plumes, which are pierced
with one hole for suspension, f- in. high. Dark-blue porcelain.

322. Bes as before, standing, wearing six plumes or feathers on his head,
his hands placed on his hips; reeded ring behind. If in. high. Blue por-

323. Similar figure of Bes, wearing seven plumes or feathers. If in. high.
Light-green porcelain.

324. Similar figure of Bes, wearing three plumes, a ring behind. If in,
high. Light-blue porcelain.

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