Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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egyptian pantheon.

325. Bes as before, wearing five plumes; bifrons; pierced. If in. high.
Grayish-white porcelain.

326. Similar figure of Bes, plumes broken off, standing, good work; ring
behind. If in. high. Bluish-green porcelain.

327. Similar figure of Bes, coarse work. If in. high. Light grayish-blue

328. Similar figure of Bes ; pierced through the head. l£ in. high. Bluish
porcelain touched up with yellow.

329. Similar figure of Bes, bifrons; on the head four plumes, pierced.
If in. high. Broionish-red colour.

330. Similar figure of Bes, bifrons; on the head three plumes; pierced,
f in. high. Grayish-yelloto porcelain.

331. Head of the god Bes, wearing the lion-skin and cornice, surmounted
by four plumes, bearded, flat behind; pierced. in. high. Yellowish-green

332. Head of Bes as before; on the head three plumes. f in. high.
Light-blue porcelain.

333. Similar figure of Bes ; on the head five plumes, the hands on the
breast, plinth behind pierced. If in. high. Light-blue porcelain.

334. Similar figure of Bes ; on the head three plumes, hand on the hips,
plinth behind pierced. 1^ in. high. Blue porcelain.

335. Bes seated; no plumes on the head, good work; ring on the head.
If in. high. Violet porcelain.

336. Upper part of figure of Bes, on the head three plumes, ring behind.
\ in. high. Reddish-white porcelain.

337. Upper part of a figure of Bes, on the head six plumes. £ in. high.
Greenish-yellow porcelain.

338. Bes, in his usual type, standing, wearing no plumes, but collar, usx,
bracelets and armlets, lion-skin round the loins; pierced lengthwise, good work-
manship. § in. long. Greenish-yellow glazed steatite.

339. Bes, lower part of a figure of this god in his usual type. fin. long.
Blue porcelain.

340. Oval, edges crenated. On one side, in a square, is the head of the
god Bes in a lion's skin, wearing cornice and five plumes. On the reverse is
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