Birch, Samuel   [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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pylon or door-way, seb&fc Above on the head a plug for the insertion of the
head-ornament, and another behind. 4 in. high. Dark steatite.

362. Cynocephalus, aani, seated; ring on the back. fin. high. Reddish-
white •porcelain.

363. Cynocephalus, or dog-headed, baboon, seated; forepaws on the knees;
H in. high. Blue "porcelain.

364. Cynocephalus, ape, aani, seated on a pedestal, the forepaws on the
knees, and the tail curled round at the right side; on the head is a plug to
hold the lunar disk or other ornament, and there is a plug-hole behind. It is
seated on a semi-oval plinth, the curved part behind. 3f in. high. Bluish-green

365. Cynocephalus, aani, seated as before; the tail at the right side, and
plug-hole above for the ornament, and another behind. 3Jin. high. Green por-

366. Cynocephalus, aani, seated; the forepaws raised to the mouth; on a
plinth; on the back a ring: good work, f- in. long. Light-blue porcelain.

367. Ape, or cynocephalus, aani, standing, with tail and the forepaws lifted
as if adoring the Sun's disk. These animals are often represented in this atti-
tude before the boat of the Sun. ^ in. high. Lapis lazuli.

368. Lion couchant, emblem of the god Horus, head turned to the right,
l-i- in. high. Bronze.

369. Lion running, the tail behind, curved on the back. l^in. long.

370. Lion, man, couchant on a pedestal, emblem of the god Hor or Horus :
ringed, fin. long. Light-blue porcelain.

371. Lion, profile to the right in bas-relief, fin. long. Light-blue porce-

372. Lion, <mau, couchant, emblem of the god Hor or Horus; couchant on
a pedestal; of the Roman period, l^in. long. Blue porcelain or glass.

373. Lion, mau, couchant, on a pedestal; emblem of the god Hor or
Horus, from the outer covering or network of a mummy; on the back a ring.
1 in. long.^ Light-blue porcelain.

374. Forepart of a bull and lion united, back to back, each facing
outward object, the meaning of which is unknown. The protome or forepart

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