Birch, Samuel   [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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[" Royal bounty .... who gave] while on earth to see his heart, his limbs
pure without any evil to the person of the one beloved of king of lower Egypt,
the chief, the scribe of the young troops; Runaru."

There is a similar horizontal line of hieroglyphs at the left side facing to
the left:—


A_a o






set ta f-Qiiix nefer ha snob en Jean en suten an ma mer f-ruan nefer Runaru

[" Royal bounty . . . .] Son who gave a good life, a sound time of life
to the royal scribe, truly loving him, the scribe of the young levies, Runaru

The tail of the animal is curled round at the right side, and the head
of the royal urseus serpent on the forehead is broken off. It is of fine execu-
tion, and of the period of the 18th dynasty. 11 in. long, 8 in. high. Black

380. Sphinx, akar, couchant, the hair of a darker colour and divided into
four masses from the crown of the head, on a pedestal; ring behind. This
type is emblem of the god Haremayu or Harmachis. ljin. long. Light-blue

381. Sphinx, hu or alar, couchant, wearing the usual head-dress, namms,
with an urams on the forehead, the tail turned round to the right side. It is
much decomposed. 1ft. 5 in. long, lOfin. high. Calcareous stone.

382. Cat, mau, seated erect, the eyes inlaid with glass, the eyelids of opaque
glass of lapis lazuli colour, pupils black, the tunics of the eye of white trans-
parent glass with foil; round the neck a collar of seventeen cowroids in relief
and pendent segis of the goddess Sekhet or Bast, lion-headed, full face, wearing
a collar usy- The ears are striped, and the body, which is hollow, has held the
mummy of a cat. On the forehead is a scaraboid. The tail of the cat is
curled round on the right side. There is a plug under the forefeet to fix
it into a pedestal, probably of wood, and in shape of the name of the god-
dess Bast, the favourite shape of the pedestals for this animal. 1 ft. 6 in. high.

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