Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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408. Calf, mes, lying with its legs tied under its belly by a cord. These
objects apparently belong to the class of sepulchral amulets, although not
mentioned in the Book of the Dead or Ritual. They are also emblematic of
the victims yru which were killed or slaughtered, but their esoteric or mystical
meaning is unknown, as also the particular purpose for which they were em-
ployed. 1 in. long. Red composition, imitating jasper.

409. Similar calf. fin. long. Same material.

410. Similar calf. If in. long. Same material.

411. Similar calf, ear broken, f in. long. Same material, discoloured black.

412. Ram, ba, emblem of the god ynum or Chnoumis, the demiurgos, lord
of water, or the liquid element; and one of the types or forms of the god
Amen-Ra, and chiefly worshipped in the Thebaid; couchant on a pedestal: on
the back a ring for suspension. \rin. long. Red cornelian.

413. Ram, ba, emblem of the god xnum or Chnoumis, couchant, the left
foreleg broken off: pierced, -f in. long. Light-blue porcelain.

414. Ram, ba, emblem of the god Chnoumis, couchant on a pedestal; on
the back a ring. % in. long. Light-blue porcelain.

415. Similar ram. 1 in. long. Same material.
41G. Similar ram. £in. long. Same material.

417. Right horn of a ram inlaid with blue glass imitation of lapis lazuli,
from a figure of that animal or a deity Chnoumis. If in. high. Bronze.

418. Goat, nahas, with recurved horns, the body striated like a hedgehog.
£ in. long. Green porcelain.

419. Sow, sau, walking on a pedestal; on the back a ring for suspension.
This animal was not sacred to any deity except perhaps the god Set or
Typhon. It is stated in the.Ritual, Ch. 112, to be the abomination of Horus,
and the meaning of its appearance amongst the other animals is not known.
Some have thought that it represented gluttony, and that the souls of the
wicked transmigrated into it after the great judgment, f in. high. Light-blue

420. Similar animal, fin. high. Same material.

421. Similar animal, ^in. high. Same material.

422. Sow, sau, in profile, going to the right, used for a pendant or inlaying,
fin. long. Same material.
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