Birch, Samuel   [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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sacred animals.

under the belly is reserved. The toad is often found in bas relief on the upper
part of lamps of a late period, but its significance is unknown. It is coarse
and of late workmanship. 9^ in. high. Calcareous stone.

474. Frog, emblem of the goddess Heqa, wife and companion of Chnou-
mis and representative of the female principle of water. This reptile appears
first as an amulet about the period of the 18th dynasty at Memphis1, but
rarely, if ever, at Thebes. They were placed in the cavity of the chest of the
mummies, but their mystical signification is unknown, as these frogs are not
mentioned in the Book of the Dead or Ritual. Found in connection with the
papyrus sceptre, xu> an(^- the Nilometer, tat, they were evidently of the class
ordered to be strung round the necks of mummies. The frog is placed on a
pedestal and pierced for stringing. ■§ in. long. Green felspar.

475. Similar frog, •§ in. long. Same material.

476. Similar prog. fin. long. Dark steatite.

477. Similar frog, f- in. long. Green jasper.

478. Similar frog, f in. long. Burnt jasper.

479. Frog, heqa, couchant, not pierced. § in. long. Green jasper.

480. Frog, heqa, seated on a circular pedestal, on the base in intaglio,
an urseus Jl ara, serpent; emblem of goddesses going to the right, f in. long.
Light blue porcelain.

481. Similar frog ; on base similar urseus. f in. long. Same material.
These belong to the class of amulets or scarabsei.

482. Frog, heqa, seated on a circular base on which in intaglio an urseus
ara, emblem of goddesses gradient to the right. -J in. long. Bright blue


483. Fish latus, or carp, dten, emblem of the goddess Athor or Venus,
used as the pendant of a necklace, ring at the mouth. -Jin. long. Red jasper.

484. Frog, heqa, carved completely on circular base on which is mix
' life.' The body is of a lavender colour, the eyes red. It belongs like the
preceding to a class of amulets or scarabsei. f- in. long. Porcelain.

485. Frog, heqa, on the base ^j^j urseus and man seated facing; pierced.
£in. long. It belongs like the preceding to the class of amulets or scarabsei.
Blue composition.

1 Mariette-Bey: Notice desprincipaux monuments du Musie d, Boulaq. Svo. Boulaq. 1864, p. 39.
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