Birch, Samuel   [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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the figures have rectangular or semi-elliptical pedestals generally of one piece with
the figures; in bas-relief the figures are rather salient, in cavo relievo, and
always in profile. Portraiture was in use at all times, but the art, except in
wooden figures, rendered it very conventional. Three canons of proportion were
in use at different periods, the oldest of the 3rd dynasty was in subdivisions
of ^ or J of the foot, that of the 12th and following dynasty made the height
18 half feet, and a third of the 20th dynasty divided the whole height into
21 parts. These canons are found occasionally marked in red lines on bas-
reliefs and figures.

495. Monument in shape of a tablet, hut, on which in high relief is a
group of the king Amenophis I. of the 18th dynasty, and the queen Aahmes
Xefer-ari, walking full face. The head of the monarch is unfortunately wanting,
but he is draped from the loins to the knees in the usual tunic senti with
the triangular regal apron in front, having four vertical rows of hatched lines
with drop : his arms wear bracelets men nefer en Iceba at the wrist. His right
hand which is raised holds a crook on the shoulder, the left pendent with
the palm inwards. At his side is the queen Aahmes Nefer-ari standing wearing
a vulture attire on her head, having six long curls to the breast falling on
each side of the head. Her right hand placed in the left of Amenophis, she
wears a long garment from the breast to the ankles with straps or sash, and
two ties under the breast, and a collar ws^ of three rows of drops on the
neck. In her right hand, placed under the breast, she holds by the stem a
pendent flower. She has an urssus on her head and a youthful look. Down
the back are two perpendicular lines of hieroglyphs facing to the right and
left inwards.




...snaf Amen Ra neteri per em ha en Suten -yeb Ra t'er
qa sa en Ra Amenhetp.

Ur hesut han ras meh har s ut her per en ru s ah tut
kar ss'es neter :t hem .t suten {hem .t) ur Aahmes Nefer
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