Birch, Samuel   [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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figures of kings and individuals.







"...of the blood of Amen Pa, the god emanating from
the limbs, to the king of the Upper and Lower Country
Pa-t'er- ka son of the sun Amenhetp."




"The chief of those favoured, the regent of the Upper
and Lower Country, who was pleasant in what pro-
ceeded from her mouth; her pure hands holding the
sistra the divine wife [of Amen Pa] the great royal
wife Aahmes, Nefer t. ari."

It would appear from this monument and also the inscription of an alabaster
vase, formeily copied by the late Mr P. Hay in Egypt, that Amenophis T.
was married to the queen Aahmes Nefer t. ari, and that their daughter was
the Princess Amensat or Amesses. Aahmes and not her son Nefertari evidently
had special rights to. the throne, independently of her husband, and is always
associated with him in the government. She was of Nubian or ^Ethiopian
origin, and is always coloured black on the monuments. The present specimen
is one of the most interesting objects of the collection, and throws some light
on the position of this queen. The title, divine wife, means that she was one
of the spouses of Amen, a title assumed by queens of the 18th dynasty. Her
gracious address and pure morals are especially lauded by the sculptor of this
charming little monument. 7 J in. high. Dark steatite.

496. Portion of a figure of the king Amenophis III. walking, the left
foot advanced; the head is almost entirely lost, the beard, lips and part of the
neck only remaining: round it is an us^ or collar and a ser or gold chain,
and a royal tunic senti round the loins, with a belt above of nine lozenge-
shaped ornaments, and in the middle under it a panther's head. There

is in the middle of the belt the name and titles of the monarch i

Neter nefer Ed neb ma "The good god Ea neb ma." The tunic is fluted,
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