Birch, Samuel   [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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statues of individuals.

time of the joint reign of the king and queen Hatasu; subsequently conquered
Palestine and Syria, and advanced the arms and power of Egypt to the banks
of the Tigris and Euphrates, extracting tribute from the princes of Assyria and
Babylon. Above the scene is a line of large coloured hieroglyphs. It is part
of the speech of a deity.

" Who protects Pa men kheper [Thothmes III.]; thou art on the throne of
Har [Horus] established making festivals for millions of years."

This relief came from the El Assasif, and is part of the sculptures repre-
senting the expedition to Ta-neter (or the supposed Socotora,) and to Punt (or
Somali,) undertaken by the Queen Hatasu or Hatsheps to bring back the gums,
spices and cosmetics of that region. 1 ft. 1 in. high, 5 ft. long1. Calcareous stone.

501. Figure of Usersen, son of Apa, seated on a cube which often appears,
particularly at an early period, instead of a throne or chair. His hair falls in
about 40 thin locks or curls from the top of his head, and he wears a long
garment from the neck to the ankles. His hands come out of the garment, his
right crossed on his breast holds a doubled sash or napkin, his left hand is
placed fiat. The pedestal is rounded in front and there is a plinth behind.
At the right side of the throne are three perpendicular lines of hieroglyphs

Repd hci mer yent neteru <mer pd Athar neb
Api hau her hat.... Jcati yent neter da Anepu
api tu f. Usersen ar en Apa [ma xrul-

"The hereditary chief, superintendent of the
prophets of the house of Athor, lady of Tep-kau
(Athribis), dwelling in the... places, great goddess,
prophet of Anubis who is over the Hill, Usersen,
son of Apa, [justified]."

ree perpendicular lines of hieroglyphs facing left.

facing to the right.





9 0



On the left side are also th

1 Duemiclien, Die aegyptische Flotte. Chabas, Etudes historiques, p. 155.
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