Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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508. Statue of a Ptahmeri, high-priest of Amen, prince, nomarch, or duke,
principal superintendent in the palace, and superintendent of the prophets of
all the gods, wearing hair in the style of the 18th dynasty, a collar, nsy,
round the neck, and a long fluted garment, the basui, kneeling on both knees,
and holding a table before him by both hands. This tablet, hutu, which
is of the usual shape, round at the top, has on the upper part the winged
disk, the Hut, from which hang two urosi, that on the left side wearing the
white crown of the upper country, Hut, emblem of the goddess Neche, or
Eileithyia; and that on the other the red crown, tesher, emblem of the
lower country, and the goddess Uat or Buto. Between them is the title of the
Hut, " lord of heaven." The whole is placed between the two symbolic eyes
of Horus, uta, emblems of the Sun and Moon. The inscription reads:


o i

C± □

^ a 'i

. (1



sba Rd xetf uben f er yepert
hetep em any unn eh uben
au a her sba k unen h her
hetep au her peset an repd

ha her tep da m pa suten mer yent neteru en neteru neb
mer yet yent neter s'aa en Amen hesi en
neter nefer Ptahmeri rnayru neb amay.
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