Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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" Adorations to Pa wlien he shines, to Kheperi, when he sets from the
(land) of life. When thou shinest, I adore thee. When thou settest, I am
behind (thee). [It is said] by the prince monarch superior in the palace, super-
intendent of the prophets of all the gods, keeper of the treasure, high priest
of Amen, subject of the good god [the King] Ptahmeri justified a devoted person."
Period of the 19th dynasty.

Calcareous stone. 1 ft. high, 8 in. wide.

509. Lower part of the figure of a man named Petbanebtethu, holding
a shrine, kneeling on both knees, in which is the lower part of the figure of
a mummied deity, either Ptah or Osiris. It is upon two pedestals covered
with inscriptions, it is placed on two pedestals, and has down the plinth on the
back two perpendicular lines of hieroglyphs.


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...m t'etut ha f xeft f em f nen t'a ret-

dmaxi xer ^a^X en Pat ba neb tattu nam ma

yru mes en neb t pa TayuQ.

"Sayings behind... at the face, and before him; he
does not cross his feet."

"The devoted to the livinsr soul of Ea Patba-
nebtattunam, justified, born of the lady of the house
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