Birch, Samuel   [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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On the pedestal at the right side, facing to the left,



= 0







suten rex mc~l Patbanebtattunam mayru mes en neb t pa TayuBa t'et f en neb f
Nuk meri h... nua -yent f ras en ma ma [?] sen nen ra set Tear am s-

"The royal relation, the true Patbanebtattunam justified, born of the lady
of the house Tachuta, who says to his lord, I love the commands of his
majesty; I have watched them like truth, I have never done any falsehood
in it."

At the left side is a similar inscription facing to the right,

r\ ^ -_ £1 MWM _ |-| rt [I

a o I ay/a

.swfcft re^ »w Pa£ 6a we& Tato nam mdyru sa dm xent neter ap u su nasu xa
vndxru t'et Nuk er xen f wieri ra neb s'u em buqa her heh a\ t'et merrutt en
yen ten em xat as hetp> ai%x-

" Royal relation true, Patbanebtattunam justified, son of the one attached
to the garden of the gods...Nasu ^a justified. I do to his majesty what was
wished daily without cessation, searching what said the wish of the kings after
I was at rest in life."
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