Birch, Samuel   [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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512. Figure of a priest or sacerdotal personage, wearing a skull-cap,
namrns, and tunic, s'enti, round the loins, kneeling in adoration on both knees,
his hands placed flat along the thighs. 2 in. high. Bronze.

513. Small head, the hair in close Nubian curls in the style of the twenty-
first dynasty. It is of fine work, and broken off from the statuette of a figure
of an officer or person of the period, f in. high. Sandstone.

514. Left foot on a plinth or pedestal, under the plinth is part of a canon
of three horizontal and as many vertical lines : broken. 4^ in. high. Calcareous

515. Lower part of the statue of a priest or king, holding a shrine. The
statue has represented the person kneeling on both knees, the toes slightly
raised, holding a fluted tunic, shenti, round the loins, and holding before him by
both hands a shrine in the niche of which is seen the lower part of the
figure of a deity, whose body was enveloped in bandages, probably either Ptah
or Osiris. This figure has stood on a pedestal. The whole figure is imperfect
from the navel upwards; the hands, arms, chest and head wanting. It stands
upon a high square plinth, or pedestal, round which has been a horizontal
inscription, too mutilated to be deciphered. It is of the period of the 19th

516. Statue of a seated female, named Sennefert, wearing her hair in
regular curls, coloured black from the side of head, her face coloured yellow,
the features full and resembling those of the female named Nefert, in the
Museum of Boulaq. She is draped in a garment reaching to the ankles,
open at the neck, and the nipples of the breast are indicated through the
transparent garment. Her hands and arms are coloured yellow, the palms
placed flat upon the knees. She is seated on a cube upon the right side
of which are the following incised blue hieroglyphs, facing right:

^7 m <=j © Neb t amayu yer neter

® suten reyt Sennefert.

^ Q <^=> " The lady devoted to the god, the royal acquaintance

(relative) Sennefert." At the left side of the cube is the
J ^ same inscription, facing to the left. The cube is painted in

imitation of red granite. This is one of the oldest known statues. 1ft. 6-Jin.
high. Calcareous stone.

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