Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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517. Naked female, walking; her right hand pendent, her left raised to
her breast, holding an animal. Naked female figures appear in Egyptian art

the figure probably represents one of that domestic class. The animal in the
hand is very indistinct, but a cat was a favourite one thus held. It has formed
the handle of a knife or some small tool, part of the blade of which remains
attached. 3^ in. length. Bronze.

518. Naked female, standing, with recurved curls like the goddess Athor.
The arms appear to have been detached, and there are pivots for them. On
her head is a lotus flower. Like the preceding, it has formed the handle of
a knife or small tool or other object, and probably represents a Cypriote or
Asiatic female. 4§in. high. Bronze.

519. Couch, with 4 recurved legs at feet, on it a recumbent female,
naked, lying on her back. The left hand is doubled on the breast, and at her
right side lies a child, naked, facing to the left, pendent arms. The female
places her left arm under the child. The couch has 12 horizontal red stripes
and traces of a blue background, the whole representing the covering on
which the figure was laid. The hair of the figure is blue. Similar figures are
supposed to have been deposited in the tombs of females who had died in
child-birth, and to be symbolical representations of the mother and child. 4 in.
long, If in. high. Bed terra cotta.

520. Bust of a female, full face, holding a necklace in the left hand,
^in. long. Bed, blue, and white glass.

521. Female walking, naked. Her hair falls in long curls all round her
from the crown of her head, in the style of the 18th dynasty. Her right hand,
which is pendent, is laid on the pit of the stomach, her left hand is pendent and
double, her breasts small. This figure apparently represents a young unmarried
female, and is of fine workmanship. 1 in. high. Light-brown wood.

522. Figure standing on a plinth, wearing a long head-dress, namms, body
mummied and having in front a perpendicular line of hieroglyphs:

only as girls of a very youthful age, or as slaves, and in the present instance

Asar neb pa yema en Men st'efaa pa yrat ma yru.
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