Birch, Samuel   [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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1 cm


529. Piece of furniture in shape of the Tat, or emblem of stability; it has
a pivot-hole above and beneath, and a small plug to fix it. 3f in. high.

530. Tile for inlaying the sun-dried brick walls of the chambers of a
palace, of the 19th and 20th dynasty. The palace to which it has belonged
has recently been cleared away in the excavations made on the site or mound.
The walls were ornamented with inlaid tiles representing inscriptions containing
the titles of the monarch, and other representations of the prisoners who had
fallen to the arms of Egypt. Besides tiles the walls had also figures of the
kings, principally Pameses III., and Amen Pa, the Theban Jupiter, inlaid in
arragonite or Egyptian alabaster, opaque turquoise-blue coloured and dark red
or jasper-coloured glass, and figures of mystical bird, re^. The present
specimen has in intaglio Seti Meneptah, " Seti, beloved of Ptah," the name

14 4

and titles of Seti II., of the 19th dynasty. 2 in. long, If in. wide.


□ £ Tel el Yahoudeh. White porcelain.

531. Haunch of a calf, xePs'> m profile, foot to the right, fiat behind for
inlaying. 1in. Pale-blue porcelain.

532. Similar haunch. 1 in. long. Violet porcelain.

533. Similar haunch. 1-|- in. long. White porcelain.

534. Haunch, xei3S' °f a ca^ f°r a ^me °f hieroglyphs in a wall, board,
or collar. The word ^eps means "strength" or "force." Profile to the left.
If in. long. White porcelain.

535. Similar haunch. 1 in. long. Pale-blue porcelain.

536. Similar haunch. 1 in. long. Same material.

537. Similar haunch. |-in. long. Same material.

538. Rectangular piece, apparently for inlaying; on it in intaglio is part of
a perpendicular line of hieroglyphs


sa ur. t f... the eldest son of [his] father

1 in. square, \ in. thick. Steatite, or dark marble.
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