Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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542. Necklace or string of beads and pendants consisting of 200 spherical
beads, sixty-eight pendants in shape of flowers of the pomegranate, six figures
of the god Bes or Bessa without plumes, one of the god Horus, seven in
shape of the carp or Latus fish annu, sacred to Athor, and another in shape of
a heart hdti. The whole of the necklace has been restrun^, and consists of
a series of beads which it is doubtful if they were thus anciently arranged,
having been probably so strung by the Arabs or a modern hand. 2 ft. 6 in.
long. Red carnelian and jasper.

543. Necklace or string of eighty-six beads, principally of the same mate-
rial, but having amongst them one of blue glass; thirteen in the shape of
pomegranates, one small scarabaaus, one Silurus fish, and one part of another
kind of fish. As these beads are re-strung, there is no proof that they were
anciently so strung, but are probably beads from various mummies arranged
by Arabs or others on a cord or string. 1 ft. 6 in. long. Red carnelian.

544. Necklace or string of beads and pendants consisting of about ninety-
six spherical beads, nine pendent figures of the god Bes or Bessa, and seven
hawks: the whole re-strung, leaving it doubtful if they were anciently so
arranged. 1 ft. 7 in. high. Red carnelian and jasper.

545. Necklace or string of beads consisting of fourteen garnet beads roughly
cut a cabochon, another in shape of a dekahedron, two carnelian beads in the
shape of hatchet heads, one scaraboid, one green reeded fruit-shaped bead, eight
small gold beads, in shape of the flower of the pomegranate, one green glass
scaraboid, having a diagonal on the reverse, a crystal bugle, one sard oval bead,
another of green felspar, and a crystal bead, two red jasper pendants in the
shape of pomegranates, another of serpentine, two others of blue porcelain glass,
two others of green colour, a carnelian fig-shaped bead, another in shape of a
hatchet blade, two silver rectangular clasps or divisions of beads on each, studs,
one agate bead, one pendant in shape of a crocodile, the tail curved under the
belly, a lapis lazuli heart, a lapis lazuli double diamond or lozenge-shaped
bead, one dark-blue glass rectangular bead, one lapis lazuli scarab, yeper, a
light-yellow jasper symbolic eye ut'a, bifrons, another lapis lazuli right sym-

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