Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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bolic eye, id'a, on the reverse J nefer, " good," i. e. the good eye. This miscel-
laneous collection of beads and sepulchral amulets has been entirely re-strung,
and the various pendants and beads have been taken from various necklaces
and collars. Little is known of the original arrangement of necklaces, most of
them having been rudely and carelessly removed by the Arabs from the
mummies. 1 ft. Garnet, carnelian et cet.

546. Necklace, or string of beads, consisting of 120 beads, amongst which
are six pendants in shape of flowers of the pomegranate, all re-strung with a
modern clasp. 1 ft. 4 in. long. Red carnelian or jasper.

547. String of objects from the network and body of a mummy, which
have been strung together on a modern string, and were not anciently thus
arranged. They consist of one blue porcelain ring, one red composition tie of
a girdle, ^ in. high; a figure in blue porcelain of Tuautmutf, the third or
jackal-headed god or genius of the Karneter, or Hades, 2 in. high; a symbolic
eye, ut'a, of green porcelain, with a dark brow and pupil, and blue porcelain
figure of Kabhsenuf, the fourth or hawk-headed genius of the Karneter, or
Hades, 3 in. high ; with several dark blue porcelain bugles, and white annular
disk-shaped beads. 1 ft. 6 in. long. Various materials.

548. Necklace, ar, of about 300 spherical beads. 1ft. Din. long. Red car-

549. Necklace or string of beads consisting of one operculum of a shell, eleven
cowries, three shells of the genus turbo, one blue porcelain symbolic eye ut'a,
with black pupil; two other eyes coloured blue, one glass bugle, and a glass
black bead. This string of miscellaneous objects has been re-strung; they were
certainly not so arranged originally; portion coming from the outer network of a
mummy, the cowries being generally arranged for necklaces, three round and
seven annular and other beads. 1 ft. 4\ in. long. Various materials.

550. Necklace, or string of beads, consisting of one blue porcelain scara-
bseus with plain elytra; on the base, -j ^ user ma Amen meri Rame-
sesu 11 Barneses beloved of Amen," name ano- titles of Barneses III. of the
20th dynasty; a blue porcelain head of the goddess Athor, with spiral locks and
cornice on the head; a figure of the god Bes, and about 300 annular yellow,
white, red, and blue beads. The whole forms the outer network of a mummy,
and has been re-strung, and consequently not arranged as at present; the
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