Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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573. Similar figure, rude workmanship, pierced horizontally, fin. high. Same

574. Bes, standing, wearing a cornice on his head, from a necklace, on
the head a ring for suspension. § in. high. Bed jasper.

575. Similar figure, f in. high. Same material.

576. Similar figure. -j in. high. Same material.

577. Similar figure. in. high. Same material.

578. Pendant in shape of the goddess Ta-ttr or Thoueris, head and body
of a hippopotamus, claws of a lion, and tail of a crocodile, profile to the right:
above, a ring. 1 in. high. Gold.

579. The goddess Ta-ur or Thoueris, standing, facing to the right, flat be-
hind, above is a ring, pendent from a necklace, f in. high. Red carnelian.

580. Similar figure of Thoueris. f in. high. White or burnt carnelian.

581. Similar figure of Thoueris. f in. high. Bed carnelian.

582. Boy or man, seated with pendent arm, emblem of a child yrat, and
perhaps of Horus as Har-pa-yrat, or " Horus the child:" above a ring to
attach it as a pendant to a collar. £ in. high. Bed, white, and blue porcelain.

583. Pendant of a necklace in shape of the extended right hand. 1 in.
long. Bed carnelian.

584. Similar pendant with ring above, which is reeded. 1 in. high. Blue

585. Similar pendant, § in. high. Same material.

586. Heart, hat or ab, pendant of a network or beaded work of a mummy :
pierced, £ in. long. Green porcelain.

587. Heart, hat or ab, having at the side two projections, probably intended
for the valves and vessels; above a ring for suspension. This object is the
pendant of a necklace, or was else hung by a cord round the neck of a living
person. -| in. high. Onyx.

588. Similar object, f in. high. Bed carnelian.

580. Similar object, very rude. £ in. high. Same material.

590. Similar object, but not rude. \ in. high. Same material.

591. Similar object, ■§■ in. high. Sard.

592. Similar object, f in. high. Bale sard.

593. Similar object; ring not pierced. £ in. high. Bed carnelian.
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