Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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necklaces and strings of beads.


594. Similar object (heart). \ in. high. Same material.

595. Similar object. in. high. Red jasper, gilded.

596. Similar object, ring above for suspension, § in. high. Lapis lazuli.

597. Similar heart, surmounted by a cornice and ring for suspension, the
side projections reeded, the lower part reticulated. 1 in. high. Dark steatite.

598. Similar object, the side projections plain. -| in. high. Haematite.

599. Similar object, plain, f in. high. Gi~een basalt.

600. Similar object, ring not pierced, § in. high. Same material.

601. Similar object, projection at sides in shape of feathers, § in. high.

602. Heart, hat or ah, pendent from a necklace, no side projections or
wings, ring above for suspension ; broken. § in. high. Red jasper.

603. Ape, cynocephalus, emblem of the lunar god Xons, and Taiiuti, or
Thoth, seated, profile to the left; on the head a ring for suspension, flat behind.

in. high. Red carnelian.

604. Pendant, lion's head full face, ring above for suspension broken off:
coarse work. 1-| in. high. Green porcelain.

605. Pendant, hawk, bah, flying emblem of the god Horus, or Hut, and of
Victory: ring at the back of the neck. ^ in. long. Gold.

606. Vulture standing on a pedestal, emblem of the goddesses Mut, of
which it forms the name as the mother goddess, and also of Nexeb or
Nishem, goddess of Victory and of the Upper Country and Syene : ring below
broken, f- in. long. Lapis lazuli.

607. Bead or pendant in shape of the fish Latus or Cyprinus, the Egyp-
tian dnnu, emblem of the goddess Athor, the Egyptian Aphrodite or Venus,
pierced lengthwise, f in. long. Red jasper.

608. Head of a crocodile pierced for the bead or pendant of a necklace.
§ in. long. Turquoise-blue-coloured opaque glass.

609. Searabasus yeper or yeperr with striated elytra, used as a bead or
pendant of a necklace. This insect was a favourite device of the Egyptians,
and mystically considered the emblem of the Sun as the transformer or self-
produced deity. It also had many esoteric meanings: when completely carved
and pierced it appears to have been used as an ornament or amulet, and
placed round the neck of the dead : pierced, f in. long. Lapis lazuli.
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