Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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therm, or directions for their use, is found in the Book of the Dead, or Ritual.
J in. long. Dark-green jasper,

630. Hawk-headed scarabaeus, emblem of the god Ra, striated elytra, com-
pletely carved, pierced beneath. This form of sepulchral ornament, or amulet,
although rare, is occasionally found. The scarabaeus occasionally had a human
head substituted for that of the insect when used for sepulchral purposes. The
type is not however mentioned in ' the Book of the Dead, or Ritual. ^ in.
long. Lapis lazuli.

631. Similar scarabaeus, pierced beneath. Jin. long. Same material.

632. Similar scarabaeus. £ in. long. Same material.

633. Scarabaeus completely carved, striated elytra, pierced beneath. ■§ in.
long. Red carnelian.

634. Scarabaeus, striated elytra, completely carved; pierced beneath, § in.
long. Red carnelian.

635. Scarabseus, completely carved; pierced beneath to fix to the necklace
of a mummy, -§ in. long. Lapis lazuli.

636. Thirteen pendants of a necklace, in shape of the so-called flower of
the pomegranate, ermen, a very favourite device for collars and necklaces,
pierced for suspension. These objects probably come from collars found round
the necks of mummies. The collars consisted of rows of beads of various kinds,
one of which was usually of this shape. They are pierced for suspension. J in.
long. Red jasper.

637. Rapyrus sceptre, yu ; round the neck three bands. This amulet belongs
also to the class of sepulchral amulets. If in. high. Green felspar.

638. Beads in shape of the pendent flower of the pomegranate, ringed above.
£ —■ f in. long. Red carnelian.

639. Flower of the pomegranate, purple at the side, flat behind, one of
the pendants of a collar from the outer network of a mummy. | in. long.
Green porcelain.

640. Similar flower, no colour at side. Jin. long. Same material.

641. Similar flower, f in. high. Dark-blue porcelain.

642. Similar flower, f in. high. Same material.

643. Similar flower, fin. high. Same material.

644. Spheroidal bead. \ in. diameter. Dark-blue glass.
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