Birch, Samuel   [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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645. Similar bead. £ in. diameter. Green glass.

646. Similar bead. \ in. diameter. Green glass.

647. Similar bead. \ in. diameter. Same material.

648. Twelve square beads from a collar or necklace, each pierced in two
places for cords to pass through. -§ in. long. Lapis lazuli.

649. Rectangular tablet, blank; apparently a kind of sepulchral amulet.
These tablets have sometimes a symbolic eye engraved upon them ; above is a
ring for suspension. 1^-in. long. Green felspar.

650. Object in shape of a cartouche, amulet or pendant of a necklace.
If in. long. Lapis lazuli.

651. Bugle from a necklace, striated, f in. long. White chalcedony.

652. Pendant, semioval slab, on one side head of Athor, full-face, wearing
cornice with litui and uraei that on the left side of the head, emblem of the
goddess Ne^eb, wearing the upper part of the pschent hat, and the one on the
right, emblem of the goddess Uat, wearing the red cap, tese'r, facing outwards;
above a reeded ring for suspension ; coarse work. 3 in. high. Green porcelain.

653. Upper part of the pschent, the hut, or white crown, emblem of
dominion over the upper country : ring behind, fair work. 1^ in. high. Light-
blue porcelain.

654. Similar object, f in. high. Same material.

655. Similar object. •§ in. high. Same material.

656. Pendant of a collar, in shape of a lotus flower, s'nin, and a papyrus
flower united inversely from the outer net-work, or beaded work of a mummy,
above and below. A ring to attach it. •§ in. long. Blue porcelain.

657. Pendant of a beaded work in shape of a lotus flower, white colour,
with green petals and yellow calyx, pierced above in one place, and beneath
in four to attach to a net-work. 2-J in. long. Porcelain.

658. Flower with six petals. -J in. diameter. Light-blue porcelain.

659. Pendant in shape of a lotus flower, above a ring for suspension : flat
behind, j in. long. Red carnelian.

660. Lotus flower, s'nin, ringed. -J in. long. Green porcelain.

661. Similar flower. |- in. long. Same material.

662. Object, apparently a bead or pendant, resembling a flower, pierced. | in.
Ion a-. Blue porcelain.
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