Birch, Samuel   [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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663. Cowroid oval-shaped object of or inlaying of a mottled red, white, and
blue colour. -| in. long. Glass.

664. Cowroid, pierced. -J- in. long. Red carnelian.

665. Pendant from a necklace. -J in. long. Green plasma.

666. Pendant, drop-shaped, with stem and ring above pointed, and cut with
four facets. J in. long. Green felspar or amazon stone.

667. Similar pendant. \ in. long. Red carnelian. ■

668. Similar pendant. Same material.

669. Bugle from a necklace, in shape of a rolling-pin, pierced, § in. long.
Striped carnelian.

670. Similar bugle. -| in. long. Same material.

671. Similar bugle. J- in long. Same material.

672. Similar bugle, f in. long. Same material.

673. Similar bugle, -f in. long. Lapis lazuli.

674. Similar bugle. -§ in. long. Red and white carnelian.

675. Object, appparently a kind of shuttle; emblem of the goddess Nit or
Neith. >crK -| in. long. Banded agate.

676. Cylinder, or cylindrical bead, pierced. \ in. long. Banded onyx.

677. Conoid-shaped bugle, from a necklace, pierced, •£ in. diameter. Green

678. Oval for setting, cut a cabochon. \ in. long. Garnet.

679. Pendant for setting, in shape of an ear of corn, f in. long. Garnet.

680. Similar pendant, concave on one side. ^ in. long. Garnet.

681. Cylindroid bead. ^ in. long. Red jasper.

682. Four similar beads. ^ in. long. Red carnelian.

683. Cylindroid bead. ^ in. long. Serpentine.

684. Cylindroid bead, f in. long. Brown and ivhite agate or carnelian.

685. Cylindroid bead, eight blue and white eyes on a green ground.
-§ in. long. Glass.

686. Similar bead, with six eyes. ^ in. long. Glass.

687. Similar bead, § in. long. Glass.

688. Similar bead, six eyes. ^ in. long. Glass.

689. Similar bead, eight eyes, f in. long. Glass.

690. Convex oval stud. £ in. diameter. Yellow glass.

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