Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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691. Similar bead. \ in. diameter.

692. Hexagonal prism, pierced, pendant of a necklace, or other object.
If in. long. Red carnelian.

693. Yellow topaze. £ in. long.

694. Bead with twenty facets, f in. diameter. Crystal.

695. Spheroid bead cut with six facets, pierced. | in. long. Gypsum.

696. Oval bead, bevelled, fin. long. Blue glass.

697. Diamond, or lozenge-shaped <> bead from a necklace, pierced. f in.
long. Onyx.

698. Similar bead, from a necklace, also pierced. § in. long. Red car-

699. Crenated bead, oval shape, f in. long. Green porcelain.

700. Spherical bead. \ in. diameter. Serpentine.

701. Penannular banded ring, one end pointed. -| in. diameter. Silver.

702. Penannular banded ring, f in. diameter. Jasper.

703. Similar ring, f in. diameter. Red carnelian.

704. Penannular ring. The use of these little objects, common in collections,
is uncertain, but to judge from some of the gold ones which have at each end
a small ring for a cord or wire to pass through, they may have been used
either as earrings or pendants to attach to necklaces, if they were capped with
gold or other metal. It has indeed been thought that they were employed as
buttons, but their use does not appear in the different representations of
Egyptian dress which have been handed down. |- in. diameter. Red carnelian.

705. Similar ring, f in. long. Shell.

706. Penannular ring, f in. diameter. Shell.

707. Penannular ring. fin. diameter. Shell.

708. Hair-pin, or acus crinalis, of the Roman period; above at the head
are eleven concentric bands. It is skewer-shaped and broken. 4^.- in. long.

709. Similar hair-pin. The upper part globular, and having round it seven
bands gilded. 2£ in. long. Ivory.
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