Birch, Samuel   [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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1 cm
signets and finger rings.



710. Signet-ring, with rectangular bezel, solid; on it Mut, wife and com-
panion of Amen Ba, and mother of the god Xonsu, seated, facing to the right;
on a throne placed in a boat or shrine, in the stern of which are the two
rudders, or paddles, yem. She holds a symbol of life, c,ny, in her right hand,
and a papyrus sceptre, yu, in her left. Behind her is a vulture, nrau, flying
to the right; behind the goddess her name and living emblem, and before her

Mut neb nefer, "Mut the good lady," her name and titles. The band or

J body of the ring is flat, f in. diameter. Gold.

711. Signet-ring, yatem, with a square bezel, at or ta, having on it in
inverse hieroglyphs j j ( !==! Ties nefer Amen Ra, " the good favoured (servant)

of Amen Ba." § in. diameter. Gold.

712. Signet-ring, yatem, with a square bezel; on it in intaglio the goddess
Mut wearing a vulture head-dress, her name and emblem walking to the right,
draped, holding a papyrus sceptre in her right hand, yu, an(^ a symbol of
life in her left. Before her a vulture her bird and emblem. This ring

has probably belonged to a queen, or a priestess of the god Amen. § in.
long. Gold.

713. Signet-ring, yatem, body consisting of a flat band and oval bezel, all

solid, on it the cartouche

Ba-aa-^eperu, prenomen of Amenhetp, or

Amenophis II., of the 18 th dynasty. On each side is the goddess Taur or
Thoueris, in her type of a hippopotamus with a crocodile's tail down the back,
standing facing the cartouche. \ in. long. Gold.

714. Signet, solid, with oval bezel; on it Amenhetp or Amenophis III.,
seated on a throne, having his prenomen before him. 1 in. diameter. Leaden
cast of a solid gold ring.

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