Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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objects of the toilet.

715. Signet-ring, yatem, with cylindroid band, tapering to the setting, having
a twisted wire spring at each end, on it a scarabseus beetle, yeper, of green
jasper, with plain elytra set in a band, and used as a revolving bezel, on it

[j £^ 'Amenhetp] Amenhetp or Amenophis, probably the name of one of the

o B monarchs of the 18th dynasty, probably that of Amenophis I., of that


li in. diameter. Gold.

716. Signet-ring, yatem, with oval bezel, at, solid; on it ©


Ra neb Ma ta en Ra "Ra neb Ma," or Neb ma Ra, "Type of the Sun,"
prenomen and title of Amenophis III., of the 18th dynasty, -f- in. diameter.

717. Signet-ring, yatem, with oval bezel, ta, solid ; on it is the god Ptah,
the Hephaistos or Vulcan, the god of Memphis, standing, mummied, facing to
the right in his usual attire, wearing the skull-cap, namms, the collar usy, and
the counterpoise or back collar ma-any. Ptah holds before him by both hands
the kukupha sceptre uas. fin. diameter. Silver-gilt.

718. Part of a signet-ring, yatem, set with a scarabseus of green-glazed
steatite revolving on the wire which passes through it lengthwise. The scara-

bseus has plain elytra, and on the base is


Ra men xeperu, the

prenomen of Thothmes IV., of the 18th dynasty, and a scarabsaus flying with
expanded wings, dp, solar emblem. § in. long. Bronze.

719. Signet-ring, yatem, solid, with rectangular bezel, ta or at ; on it
T J ara nefer nefer " The twice-good urseus," or " goddesstitle or epithet
of some deity. |- in. diameter. Bronze.

720. Signet-ring, yatem, oval bezel; on it o. The Hut, or winged disk,
with uraei, emblem of Har-Hut or Horus as the Sun, the god Sekar, or Socharis;
hawk-headed, seated, facing to the right, holding a symbol of life, having
facing him Ptah-Tanen, wearing disk, horn and plumes, holding the feather of
truth, beneath, the symbol ^7 neb or " lord." 1-J in. diameter. Bronze. Doubtful,
carving peculiar.

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