Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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1 cm
signets and finger rings.



721. Signet-ring, yatem, cylindroid band, and oval bezel; on it

Ra yeper neter neb yeb "Ra" and "^eper" united, form of the sun-god "The
good lord of the lower country," or " hemisphere," combination resembling a royal
prenomen, but probably only the title of the god Ra, or the Sun. 1-| in.
diameter. Bronze.

722. Bezel of a ring, scarabseus, with plain elytra, set in a copper frame,
as a revolving bezel; on it the prenomen of Thothmes III., Ra men ^eper,
and a sphinx facing to the right; behind a winged serpent, •§ in. long.
Green-glazed steatite.

723. Signet-ring, yatem, cylindroid band, having a scarabseus revolving
as bezel, on which is

«Qs the prenomen Ra neb ma of Amenophis III., surmounted by the two
ostrich plumes and horns of Ptah-Sekar, placed below on the part of
emblem nub or gold, the linen bandages of the mummy and bitumen
still adhering'. 14 in. diameter. Bronze.


724. Signet-ring, yatem, flat band, with bezel of a scarabseus of green-

glazed steatite with plain elytra, set in a plain gold frame, on it the disk


with two ursei thrust forward by the winged scarabseus, having the signet or
empty cartouche at its feet, all emblems of the Sun. in. long. Silver.

725. Signet-ring, yatem, cylindroid body with coiled wire at the end for
springs, the scarabseus or bezel with which it was set is wanting, -| in.
diameter. Gold.

726. Signet-ring, yatem, set with a scarabseus as a revolving bezel of dark
steatite, half of which only remains, on it ^ J symbolic eye, ut'a, and papyrus

sceptre, yu, facing to the left. 1 in. high. Bronze, gilded.

727.. Signet-ring, yatem, cylindroid wire with side-springs of twisted wire,
having a scarabseus, yeper, of amber, broken at the back, set in a solid frame,
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