Birch, Samuel   [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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94 objects of the toilet.

moulded, and socket at each side, pierced for the wire to enter, set as a
revolving bezel. On it is ^ Neb ta pa Han . . . t " Han . . . t the lady

of the house," the name of its possessor. This ring has evidently been on the
finger of a female, and the amber has been destroyed by the heat of the
bitumen applied to the body. 1-| in. diameter. Gold.

728. Signet-ring, yatem, with a scarabseus, having striated elytra, set as


a revolving bezel, on it J Ra neb nefer, royal prenomen, and urseus
facing to the left. ■§ in. long. Silver.

729. Cylindroid band of a ring. 1 in. diameter. Bronze.

730. Rectangular bezel of a signet, on one side 0 *jj ^ Ra neb ma,
prenomen of Amenhetp, or Amenophis III., of 18th dynasty, and on the reverse

at en ra, " Type of the Sun," one of the titles of the same monarch.
^ in. long. Red carnelian.

731. Bezel of a ring, scarabseus, with plain elytra, set in a gold band, with

pivot holes at the sides, on it {sic) ^ "5~o " Amen Ra" name of the god
of Thebes. § in. diameter. White decomposing material.

732. Scarabseus, yeper, set in a gold frame, with plain mounting, used as

the revolving bezel of a signet ring, xePer> on ^

Ra usee, ma,

prenomen of Rameses II., of the 19th dynasty, in a square over which is a
thong or cord terminating in two flowers of water plants, f in. diameter.

Glazed steatite.

733. Bezel of a ring, cowroid, on it -f\j anX hes> "life favour," set
in a plain gold band, with pipes at end for revolving, fin. long. Green-
glazed steatite.
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