Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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signets and finger rings. 95

734. Bezel of a signet, scarabasus, yeper, with plain elytra, set in a plain
gold band, pipe at each end for pivot of revolving bezel, on it -y- ^

any sa an ud en rd "life and protection looking at the sun's boat." -| in.
high. Yellow glazed steatite.

735. Bezel of a ring, scarabaeus, with plain elytra, set in a plain gold
frame with pivot holes, on it j^L a hawk between two uraei facing to
the right, -^in. long. Whitish-green glazed steatite.

736. Bezel of a ring, scarabaeus, elytra not indicated, set in a moulded
gold frame, on it interlacing spirals. J- in. diameter. Green glazed steatite.

737. Waterfowl, or duck, ru, head recurved on its back, set in a gold
frame, with engrailed band, and used as the revolving bezel of a ring. ^ in.
diameter. Lapis lazuli.

738. Scarabaeus, bezel of a signet ring, on it a lion walking to the right,
looking back, not Egyptian in style or workmanship. -| in. long. Lapis lazuli.

739. Bectangular bezel of a ring or signet, having on one side ^ J neter


zfer "The good god," and on the other %jj Ba neb ma, the prenomen of

Amenophis III. of the 18th dynasty, the two forming the titles of that monarch.
\ in. square, pierced. Turquoise-blue coloured opaque glass.

740. Bectangular bezel of a ring; on one side is engraved the right sym-
bolic eye, ut'a, emblem of the Sun, on the other,


* Nit sa hes neb su reru yeper yeper; meaning uncertain; " son of
Neith, favoured lord, hippopotamus, type of types." Pierced through
the long axis. % in. long, f in. wide. Green jasper.

741. Signet ring, yatem, hemi-cylindroid band, plain oval bezel, the whole
solid. |- in. diameter. Red carnelian.

742. Oval bevelled bezel of a ring. J in. long. Carnelian.
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