Birch, Samuel   [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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754. Case for holding stem, stibium, or antimony, in shape of a cylindrical
column, with capital of eight palm-leaves curved outwards, beneath which are four
cylindrical bands representing the ties which held the leaves: the body of the
shaft is plain. It has a cylindrical hole or cell for the material. &| in. high.

Plain arragonite or Egyptian alabaster.

755. Small vase for holding stem or stibium, jar-shaped, with flat lip and
face, body globular, flat circular pedestal or base. 2 in. high. Pale green ser-

756. Case for holding stibium, in shape of a double cylinder and stand,
for two different coloured materials. One cylinder is plugged with linen, and
there is a place for a stud to hold the cover. With it is a wooden stylus,
2| in. long, bulbous at one end. 3f in. high. Dark steatite.

757. Case for holding stem or stibium, convex on each side, with a hollow
cylindrical receptacle for stibium, plugged with linen. It has a stud remaining to
hold the cover, which is wanting, and a groove for the reception of the stylus,
li in. high. Dark wood.

758. Case for holding stibium, cylindrical, with a stud in front. 4§ in. high.
Ivory from the tooth of the hippopotamus.

759. Case for holding stibium, in shape of a double cylinder for holding
two different colours. It has a plinth behind, with hole which held a stud for
fixing the cover, and a groove in front for the stylus. With it are two which
do not belong to it, one of bronze, the other of wood. 5f in. high. The
height of the box is 3^ in. Dark wood.

760. Case for holding stem or stibium, in shape of a double cylinder for
holding different colours, and cover to fit, in shape of two circles united, with
projecting circular places beneath to fit in. 2| in. high. Arragonite.

761. Case for holding stibium, in shape of two cylinders and plinth1. Both
1 Engraved. Sir G. Wilkinson's Manners and Customs, Vol. in. p. 383, No. 411, 6.

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