Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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763. Case for holding stem or stibium, in shape of five cylinders united,
with cover to fit, broken, having a wooden plug and behind a bulbous wooden
stylus1. 3i in. high. Arragonite.

764. Cover of a small toilet-vase or box, circular and convex, having pro-
bably gone over a circular bowl. On it is an ebony mushroom-shaped stud to
fix it, and the pivot hole of another for it to revolve upon. l£in. diameter.
Light brown wood.

765. Stylus, bulbous at one end, for laying mestem, or stem, stibium, the
modern kohl or sulphuret of antimony, used to give the eye-lashes a metallic black
lustre, ljin. high. Onyx.

766. Vase for the toilet, destined to hold a small quantity of unguent or
perfume, in shape of a hedgehog, with short cylindrical neck and circular hole.
These vases appear to have come into use about the period of the 26th dynasty,
and resemble those found in the isles of Greece and Etruria, where they had
been imported by commerce. It has a square handle, and appears a prototype
of the Greek aryballos. 2^ in. high. Pale green porcelain.

767. Ampulla, or flask, the body circular and convex on each side, the neck
and lip of which were in form of a papyrus flower capital of a column with apes
couchant at the sides, and facing outwards, broken off. The band in the middle
is ornamented with a double billet border, and the neck has a rich collar, usx,
of eight rows of beads and pendents in shape of papyrus flowers and drops. On
one side is incised a perpendicular line of hieroglyphs,

D j[ | J Ptah dp renpa nefer en neb s.


Yj "May Ptah open a good year to its lord" or "possessor."

and on the other side a similar line,

■J" J Seyet wp renpa nefer en neb s.


"May Sekhet open a good year to its lord" or "possessor."

1 Engraved. Sir G. Wilkinson's Manners and Customs, Vol. in. p. 383, No. 411,
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