Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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represented the self-existent male principle and the Sun, and as such was intro-
duced into many objects of Egyptian art. According to the later authors, the
military employed it as their device, but it is found inscribed with the names
of priests and other classes of society. An idea has prevailed amongst recent
authors that it was used for the purposes of money, but this notion is not
well supported either by the monuments or texts, in which it is never men-
tioned as a measure of value, and all known weights are of totally different
form. Although therefore it is difficult to determine why it was so much in
vogue for articles of attire, its shape on an oval pedestal was remarkably con-
venient for seals, and well adapted for general use. In the arrangement of this
subdivision an order has been preserved, mythological persons and emblems pre-
ceding historical representations or inscriptions, and the historical being succeeded
by the titles of officers.

774. Scarabseus, ^eper, no elytra; on the base in intaglio monarch

standing, wearing a helmet, ^epers', on his head, and full royal garment, basui,
round the loins, raising one hand in adoration to the god Ptah, mummied,
wearing collar, usx, and counterpoise, maanx, and holding a kukupha sceptre,
tarn, or uas, before him by both hands, pierced, between them an eye. § in.
long. Whitish green steatite.

775. Scarabseus, attached to some melted blue glass ; on the base in intaglio
i Ptah neb, "Ptah the lord." ^in. long. Green glazed steatite.

776. Scarabseus, veper, plain elytra; on the base, in intaglio, a combination,
consisting of a symbol of life 9 anx, between two hawks emblems of Horus,

facing inwards, on three symbols ^7 neb, beneath ■ ^ having on each side a

feather (j A Ptah neb anx Har neb, " Oh Ptah, the living lord, or lord of
life, Horus the lord." \ in. long, pierced. Gray glazed steatite.

777. Rectangle, on it in intaglio ( ^ J Jj a her nefer, " Oh beautiful face.

Ptah:" on the reverse, "Pa," or the Sun, hawk-headed, wearing a disk
and uraeus serpent, standing, holding an emblem of life in his right hand; in
his left a sceptre, uas. fin. long, pierced. Green glazed steatite.
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