Birch, Samuel   [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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106 objects of the toilet.

786. Similar scarabseus. fin. long. Green glazed steatite.

787. Rectangle; on it, in intaglio, the same; on the reverse ^a men

Xeper meri, Ra men ^eper, or prenomen of Thothmes III. "beloved of Amen Ra,"
lord of the upper country, connecting the obverse and reverse, fin. long.
White stone, decomposing.

788. Scarabseus, yeper on the base, in intaglio, ^]- Amen ra neb, " Amen

Ra, the lord." f in. long. Green porcelain.

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789. Scarabseus, yeper, no elytra; on the base, in intaglio, ( (j
ti neb, "Amenti" or "Amen Ra, the lord." \ in. long. Blue glazed steatite.

790. Scarabseus, yeper, no elytra; on the base, in intaglio, " Amen Ra, lord
of the world." fin. long. Dark steatite.

791. Amulet on one side, ram-headed lion or kriospkinx, sacred emblem
of Amen and Xnum, wearing an urseated disk, couchant, facing to the right,

before it an urseus serpent which coils back. On the back (] ^™ ^ Amen

Ra, Jieq ras, " Amen Ra, ruler " or " guardian" of the upper country. 1 in. long,
fin. wide. Green glazed steatite.

792. Scarabseus, no elytra ; on the base, in intaglio, ( ( www h Amen Ra neb,

" Amen Ra, the lord." £ in. long. Lapis lazuli.

793. Scarabseus, plain elytra, standing on a base, the corselet inlaid with
red jasper, the elytra with blue glass or porcelain, the inlaying of the right
elytrum wanting. On the base a monarch draped in a triangular tunic, basui,
wearing a helmet, yeper s', approaching the god Amen Ra, wearing the tall hawk
feathers, a tunic s'enti, and holding his hands pendent, over him the right
symbolic eye, uta: doubtful, f in. long. Green glazed steatite.


794. Scarab&us; on the base, in intaglio, n Ra met, "The truth of Amen
Ra;" with the figure of that god walking, ljin. long. Green porcelain.
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