Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

Seite: 109
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814. Scarabseus, yeper, plain elytra; on the base, in intaglio, 7~o , name

of Amen, lord of the South, or upper country. f in. long. Green glazed

815. Scaraboeus, yeper, plain elytra; on the base (]._. ) men ra neb,


"Amen Ra, the lord." Jin. long. Blue glazed steatite.

816. Scarabseus, xePer> plain elytra; on the base, in intaglio, 0 [j 11

IZtttf Amen neb...heq Ras. "Amen, lord of...Euler of the South." Pierced.
Reddish-green glazed steatite, of doubtful authenticity.

817. Cylindroid, striated; on the base ( |f Amen x^per, "Amnion" and
" Cheper." Top broken. | in. long. Steatite.

818. Scarabteus, xePer> plain elytra; on the base, in intaglio, ft a vase or
bottle, initial of the word Xnum, perhaps as name of the god Chnoumis,
demiurgic form of Amen Ea, with an engrailed border like the Phoenician
scarabtei. § in. long. White glazed steatite.

819. Hippopotamus, tebt, or hheb, couchant; on the base, in intaglio, is the
sistrum or head of the goddess Athor and two urcei serpents, one on each
side. This symbol often occurs in the inscriptions, either as a representation
of Athor, or else as the name of the lion-headed goddess Se^et. The hippo-
potamus is occasionally found employed for these bezels of rings, although it
was sacred to Set or Typhon, who assumed its shape, and who is represented
speared by Horus. The animal was worshipped in the Papremite nome, but
is rarely represented in bronze or other material, although occasionally seen in
these small amulets : pierced, i in long. Green glazed steatite.

820. Scarabfeus, xePer> plain elytra; on the base, in intaglio, the god
Pa seated, hawk-headed, and a sphinx, emblem of Haremakhu, or Harmachis,
couchant, wearing on its head the two plumes of Amen Pa; behind, a winged
urseus, emblem of a goddess, and beneath, the basket neb or lord : pierced. -| in.
long. Blue glazed steatite.

821. Oval on one side. The god Ra, or the Sun, hawk-headed, wearing
a tunic, s'enti, holding in one hand a dog-headed sceptre, t'am, or uas; on the
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