Birch, Samuel   [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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hieroglyph of the name of the goddess Se^et, or Merienptah. £ in. long. Green
glazed steatite.

884. Duck reclining; on one side rude open work, urseus winged, wearing
the lower crown of the lower country, emblem of the goddess Nit, Neith, or

Buto, as goddess of the lower country; on the reverse j\ y Neb ta ta anx,

" The lord of the land, giver of life;" Pharaonic title : pierced. f- in. square.

885. Two frogs joined together, or jugate; on the base, a winged ureeus,
emblem of a goddess. Frogs appear rarely in the hieroglyphs, and then as
determinative of the goddess Heq, or Heqa, wife of Khnum, or the god of
the waters, the demiurgos, or creator of mankind. On a case for holding
stibium in the British Museum, a frog is placed after the name of a man,
where the forms maxeru, or "justified," and amaxu, "devout," or nem anx,
"living again," are generally found. According to Horapollo, i. xxv., the frog
signified "an embryo" or "unformed man." Winged urcei appeared later in art,
about the time of the 28th dynasty. |- in. long. Light blue porcelain.

886. Scarabceus, xePer> plain elytra; separated by three lines; on the base,
in intaglio, four uraai, facing outwards, their tails interlaced at a common
centre. # in. long. White glazed steatite.

887. Cowrie; on the base, in intaglio, four winged urcei serpents, emblems
of goddesses, their tails united at a common centre, their heads facing outwards.
£ in. long. Green glazed steatite.

888. Base of a scarabseus, xePer > spiral lines crossing knotted, and ter-
minating at each end in two urcei serpents ; meaning obscure. 18th dynasty,
f- in. long. Green glazed steatite.

889. Scarabseus, xeVer> plain elytra; on the base, Nit nefer, "The good
Neith," or Uat nefer, "The good Buto," perhaps a proper name: pierced. -I in.
long. White glazed steatite.

890. Scarabeeus, xePer> plam elytra ; on the base, two urcei, the one crowned
with the atf, emblem of the goddess Uat, or Buto, goddess of the lower country,
or Northern Egypt, the other wearing the hut, or white crown, emblem of
Sati, or Nexeb, goddess of the upper country : pierced, § in. long. Blue glazed
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